KuzeyDoğa Foundation works to protect Turkey’s environmental values through scientific research. We work with local communities and policy makers to design and establish environmental protection programs based on the results of our research. We believe the environment can be protected and still provide economic benefits to the communities that depend on them.  Examples where we have achieved this balance include the establishment of eco tourism in the north-east region of Turkey. 

You, too, can participate in protecting the environmental values of Turkey by supporting us through a donation! Donations can be made by through bank transfers to the account listed below. You can also select which of our projects you would like to support (listed below). You have the option of naming a wolf to receiving a text from a Brown Bear!  If you also email us at bagis@kuzeydoga.org we will send you the donation receipt and a Thank You certificate to show our appreciation.  For queries regarding tax discounts you can email us at emrah@kuzeydoga.org.





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Bağış Yapın



Follow the migration of your favorite bird! - 

Aras Center for Bird Ringing and Education

You can support us to discover the unknown aspects of Turkey’s song birds. Follow the migration of your favorite birds by selecting the birds of your choice.

Guard the forest! - Wolf (Canis lupus) Satellite Tracking Project  - You can be a guardian of the forest by having a wolf fitted with a tracking device. You can also immortalize your name or your company by giving a name to the wolf.

Let your texting buddy be a Brown Bear (Ursus arctos)!  - Brown Bear Satellite Tracking Project - Brown bears are the distributors of seeds in the forest. You can support them by becoming texting buddies. You will receive a text from the bear’s satellite tracking device on its location,  and enjoy knowing the movements of a wild animal in it's own habitat.

Your support can help birds with their migration! -

Vulture and Warbler Tracking Project  - Join us in watching every moment of the small vultures' annual migration of 20,000 kms (12,427 miles). Be a spectator of the big warbler birds' (of 26 gram weight) adventure in 17 countries.

Bring it back! - Turkey’s First Wildlife Corridor - Have a tree planted in Turkey's first wildlife corridor, and support monitoring of the corridor. This project which aims to connect Sarıkamış to Posof forests is relatively new and needs your support.

KuzeyDoğa Derneği, BM Çölleşme ile Mücadele Sözleşmesi (UNCCD) Akredite Sivil Toplum Kuruluşu ve Dünya Doğa Koruma Birliği (IUCN) üyesidir.

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KuzeyDoğa Derneği

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KuzeyDoga Association is an acredited CSO in the context of United Nation Convention Combat Desertification  (UNCCD) and a member of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).